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#thewhiteroomsessions || stability

17.02.2017 || Soleila || WE-Studio Berlin

I like it dark. With little light. Contrasting. White light spaces are suspect to me. But when it comes to trying out, re-inventing, developing, it's perfect. Because it means leaving the comfort zone. So: an experiment!

Take your own stability. Move in an unsafe space. Risk something. Watch what happens to you and your environment. You want to try it? Put a chair tilted to the wall ... sit down and dance!


    I had to travel to Berlin for my job. Time to buy books of Anton Corbijn and take some photos ...


    März 2017 || Vik || Speisewagen, HamburgNur ein Moment. Ein einziger kleiner Moment. Ein Blick, oder eine zufällige Berührung, ein unbewußter Geruch, der uns in die Nase steigt. Irgendetwas, was uns aufmerksam werden lässt. Was uns Dinge, was uns…